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Silent Prayers to GOD

Day Five- I awake in the morning with a positive mindset,I said my prayers, put on clothes,made my cot and head outside. Skipping breakfast because I had some apples I put away I browsed through the city for more work an purchased a Five dollar “line shape up” to look presentable to the people I talk to. I head back just in time for lunch,Turkey sandwiches an Fruit with Milk,I sit in the lunchroom at a table with two guys talking about Jesus Christ. One black guy in his mid 40s with dreads an a Hispanic guy also in his later 40s with gray hair an glasses. I continue to eat quietly an listen to them talk. The man with dreads was tell the Hispanic guy how he asked for God to use him the Hispanic guy agreed an told a story a personal story. The Hispanic guy says in 1994 he was depressed an seriously about to kill himself, feeling bad he went to a persist an he said the persist made he feel worse then when he came in with his presences, he said that the persist spirit was cold an not inviting so he left an went to an hotel. He said he had a picture of his wife and kids in his top jacket pocket,rum an a bottle of sleeping pills, he asked the Lord to save him for what he was about to do. He took the pills and drunk the rum an woke up in Darkness, he yelled “Where I am I” an Fire Exploded in front of his eyes, he said he seen a tall dark figure in a black robe but he didn’t have a face standing over top of him laughing at him,then he heard a voice the said if you can run to that door an make it out to the door before it shuts you can make it out. So he begun to run as fast as he can an as he runs the doors began to close slowly as he runs in that second he makes it out the darkness an he sees a convertible drop top with a Angel on the hood of the convertible with Gold skin an wool hair with a letter. As he make it out of the darkness he begins to turn to look back an before he got a chance to turn the Angel on the hood of the convertible yelled an said “DON’T LOOK BACK” with a Great voice so he gets in the convertible an drives off an as his drive he begins to cry an tears began to stream down his face,the message was  “JESUS CHRIST WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU”. Then he says as we continue to eat “i did not think I would be sharing that today,but it must of have been for somebody to hear it” then he end his story with a prayer. I sat in silence as he finished got up an left the lunchroom. As the man in the dreads continued to eat his lunch, I finished an left the table telling the man in the dreads “Bless you” an walk to my cot. I thought about the Hispanic man story an begin to pray giving the Glory an honor to Jesus Christ. I took a nap an woke up in time for Dinner, Turkey in pineapple sauce an mashed sweet potato, I take my lunch an head to the table I sat at lunchtime. I seen the Hispanic man sitting at the next table across, immediately I put my dinner down to shake his hand an said “Thank you for the story earlier,it was for me to hear” then I when back to the with my dinner an began to eat. He came to my table after he finished an introduce himself an said “My name is Reggie” if you ever want to talk come to me, I told him Thank you an to Stay Blessed, finished an left the lunchroom to my cot. -Stay Blessed in Jesus Christ name Amen.