Silent Prayers to GOD

Day Four-I awake Sunday morning with GOD on my mind, I put on clothes an head to the lunchroom for Breakfast, one brand muffin & one milk I take. I look at the sky an say a Silent Prayer to God an finished the brand muffin in the lunchroom. I look for sermons on my phone an find one of my favorite Pastors “Tye Tribbett”, he talks about -Snapping out of it-. Basically when the Devil is scared of you he keeps you in Bondage, like the Pharaoh did with the Egyptians. He said you wouldn’t chain down a squirrel because your not scared of it but you would chain a Loin or a Bear because if it gets loosened,it would destroy everything. So right now an forever Satan is Scared of me, so he tries to keep me in Bondage. But I’m Snapping out of it,in the Bible Peter started to sink when he took his eye’s off Jesus Christ when walking on water in the Storm. He told us to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ because your Friends an Family are still on the boat an your walk is different but by focusing on Jesus Christ he makes it Perfect to come to him in any situation you have to keep your eyes on him. Even though you are weak “He who is in him is greater than the World” so we have to keep moving fourth with the plans God has for us, everyone has purpose on this earth. When we speak “The Lords Word” we put on the Armor of Jesus Christ an when we move on our words we take Authority over all negativity and Defeat the enemy. I start to write more ideas an touch more on the movie script I’m writing, lunch is time is in view, Chicken patty with a small carton of “Apple Grape” Juice an Fruit for lunch. I eat an continue to write, the time ticks until I look up an it’s dinner time Ravioli Pasta with tomato sauce an vegetables Steamed out. I begin to eat in the lunchroom an listen to different men talk about there day, I sit in silence and I pray for lost, confused an Faithful. Then I head to my cot to read the Word an think about Jesus Christ. GOD Bless


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