Silent Prayers to God

Day Three -I wake before the sun hits the sky the time 6:30am i get up to put on clothes,wash my face an head to the line were I receive my breakfast package,one small brand muffin with a milk,I eat an watch the sun rise. I look into the clouds an talk to God silently. I head outside to learn different parts of New York an to clear my mind. After walking around the city I returned to the shelter to receive lunch, but there’s pint up anger inside the line with two Men arguing to receive there Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. I guess there where having Flashbacks of incarceration so I step back, the anger of the two men simmers down I take my lunch an head out of there way. I go to my cot to write New Ideas for the future, I revised a ruff daft paper I wrote about a movie then go into prayer an rest. I awake with the time of 6:15pm so I head to the dinner line. Beef an Rice stir fry with green beans an coffee for the drink. I look for an open seat in the lunch room, a lot of the men there sit in segregated groups Blacks,Whites & Spanish. I found an empty seat in the right corner table, eat an leave the lunch room, I keep to myself an make no new friends. I look down on no one, I feel as though everyone deserves a fair chance in life an Generation. I pray for everyone an Leave everything to the Lord Jesus Christ to make Judgement, I’m blessed for Revelation and I find new ways to express myself though Prayer,Writing & Reading the Word. I will always walk in Faith, to all stay Blessed.


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