Silent Prayers to GOD

Day Two:6:10am I awake to see my roommate,no name,5’6 Puerto Rican with all the tattoos N.Y. can offer in my room. I fold my sheets & pillow case and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. The Sun had not risen by the time I came back to my room so I say a prayer an take Authority over any negative person,place or thing against me. 7:00am I head to the breakfast line which smell like burnt coffee an suey sauce from the Chinese store,I sign my name on paper to receive my breakfast pack. One egg an cheese on a mashed flour water patty,with one bite I tasted all flour so I chose to receive the fat from the milk an the nutrients from the orange in my pocket. I sit in the lobby to be asked by a older Mexican man in he’s 40’s, “what’s the weather today” -3° , I responded an looked at the weeks calendar without favor being as the temperature doesn’t pass -1°.Watching different personality walked pass,Prayers I say for them all. My feelings are loneliness an I feel that GOD is angry at me, so I repent an ask for what I’ve done wrong to be removed off my record, I pray that God hears my prayers. I spent lunch looking for work and helped an elderly woman look for a taxis, I don’t know why Nyc taxi drivers don’t stop for black people,i find it very ridiculous. I watch 10 taxis drive pass me. Finally we accomplish to get a Taxi,night time approaches an I head to the shelter. The time 6:20pm an it’s time to receive my dinner pack,Ravioli & cheese in tomato sauce burnt to perfection with coffee an milk for the drink,the line smells increase of old piss & prostitution. I’m blessed to have a place to sleep but I truly believe that GOD doesn’t want me to inhale too hard,I eat an don’t take nothing for granted. I pray that God watches over me, I finished an head towards my cot with 3 apples I pocketed from dinner,I saved for later. I continue to read more of GOD words from my Bible an focus on his eye’s so Pure & Relieving, I pictured me in the Kingdom an Jesus Christ on his thrown with ALL POWER.


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