Silent Prayers

Day one: Discretion
Made calls & text that no one picked up or called back.
Only God can bring me out of this.
Paperwork & Photo,Feels like a prisoner,Strick Rules for All,I keep my Stressed mind on GOD an stick to The Word :Job
A134 the cot & a lock for my 5 bags,3 other cots join me,quiet I pray in my head an take Authority over any negative person,place or thing around me,6:30pm I stand in line with strong smells of Piss an Alcohol to receive my dinner pack,tomato patty w noodles an vegetables all Burnt for flavor,one milk box and fruit on the table that can’t be chewed by others with no teeth.I eat,Hot puppy Chow to keep my humor,I think when will the suffering be over,I hold on to God promise,I watch men with all problems wandering,Jail,Addiction,Mental, Staff that talks to people like there aliens,I think I’m the youngest Guy here,I focus on Jesus Christ eyes. I keep a few apples for snack later,I can’t stop creating,I remember my spiritual DNA an move in Faith,i know Satan can’t touch me.


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