Franky J

Birth name Frank Jenkins

Born May 24, 1989 [24]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States

Genres Television Host

Occupations: Television Host, Composing Music, Acting, Comedy

Years Active:2007 -Present

Frank Jenkins Born May 24 1989 Philadelphia P.A better known as Franky J is an American Television and Radio Personality. He best known for being the Host of a popular WYBE Music Video countdown show Urban Xpressios. His first television appearance in 2006 on one of B.E.T popular music video Shows 106 & Park W.O.W, were he was notice for the design in his head that was the B.E.T’s logo.After the going to BET 106&PARK Franky J was inspired to host shows and tour different Schools in Philadelphia talking to kids about Stopping the violence and going to college. In 2013 Franky J was Chosen to Correspond for 106andpark an Currently hold the title an Plans to work more Exclusively with BET 2014


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